Monday, November 01, 2004


After ages of contemplating whether i'll ever get the time to create my own blog, well, i've stolen a little time to finally make this.. :D

Now, coming to the name I chose - I wasn't absolutely sure about what I should name this, considering I'm going to be babbling about everything from project management at Synapse to my thoughts on the current video game industry in India, and of course a little inane rambling on about cognition, thought processes and the blessings and curses of open source software. Which is when it hit me :)

Zubin's thoughts on Cognition, the Universe and Everything in between

Then, to make it a shorter name, and because blogger has limit on it's allowed blog names :-P, Iwent for 'zognition'. Think it's kinda cool - and hey, since i'm Parsi i can be forgiven :-D

I'll be posting here every week, until time permits to me spend more time exercising the creative cells.



Anonymous said...

Yay Zubin! Congratulations!
Man, you've done what I've been wanting to do for a long time now. I even set up an account but all i've posted so far is my picture!
A few words about Zubin on this great occasion :P. Zubin is a great guy- he shares his food even when he's hungry and he'll eat whatever you give him :)
He's a good influence on me! heehee!


Anonymous said...

Hey Bawatech,

Great to finally get some news from you, considering "I'm busy, will call u back" is usually the standard response.

Am sure that we will get to read up some pretty interesting stuff here. Actually, to be honest , am a little scared.... reading thoughts from a bawa's mind .... brrr !!! ;-)

Anyways, hope to catch up on good blogs here.

:- Rohan

Anonymous said...

hey bawa!
i never catch you online, maybe here. why zogtnition though dude? isnt your name xerxes?