Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Tuesday's Rant

Gaming in India picking up? Nah, you'd think. What's going to happen to the gaming scene in this place other than a few newbies getting in the game at some gaming cafe? Well, i haven't been on the scene at all lately, and have little to no knowledge on what's happening at Surfsup! or Gamers Anonymous - everybody's favorite hang outs in Pune.

But, I do happen to know that things are picking up on the corporate side of gaming in India. Gaming companies are looking for people desperately (I got 4 requests, [3 directly and 1 indirectly] to join a gaming company) and that got me curious. How come gaming companies are hiring? how did they know of my existence? and better still, how come all those emails mentioned "cutting edge console and PC games"?
Someone needs to get some PR activities done for these companies - if they don't have a clue about how to make their potential audience salivate in anticipation for their upcoming games, then they are already losing the battle to get into an indian gamer's mind. (which has a lot of knowledge about OTHER games coming out from a hundred companies abroad)

Do your bit for the world's wildlife, and go here http://passport.panda.org/ If you guys haven't signed up here yet, please do so. It's one of the few ways you can make a difference to this world (hey don't belive me, check out the site itself to see how it actually works)

My Life
Well nothing particularly new yet, other than a couple of recent relaxing trips :
1 to Laguna Anjuna (http://www.lagunaanjuna.com)
and 2: a cruise on the Solita. Both Synapse trips, of course.

I'll be back next tuesday, with my first short article on.. umm.. something... send me suggestions/ comments/ requests :)


Neeta said...

How about you give us a little peek preview on the future of gaming in India especially in the context of women gamers (or the lack of them).
Perhaps, a certain insight on why every man who finds out that you even remotely hovered near a virtual game parlour and you belong to the female species, raises an eyebrow in disbelief?
A Former Virtual Game Parlour Visitor & a wannabe computer gamer ;)

Zubin said...

Sure! My next article will be on women and gaming then :)

...and then we can play tekken 3 later ;)

If anyone has any more thoughts, please let me know

Uday said...

Well Bawa-tech finally got time out of his busy schedule of martial arts training, early morning gym, video shooting in b'bay :) good going baw!