Sunday, November 07, 2004

Monday Blues and News

Hi everyone,

I'll be travelling for a week from monday (nov. 8) onwards, so that post i promised on "women in gaming" will have to wait for a bit. (collected quite a bit of material for it though ;) )

Well nothing much happening rite now other than the BIG Ragnarok Tournament. Grab a copy of this month's Digit magazine to get a free copy of Ragnarok, along with some other goodies. And there's a new version of MAME out there, for those people who like to play classic arcade games.

I'm currently reading a brilliant book called Built To Last. (check out this link - it has reviews, excerpts and a detailed description) It's apparently an old classic in management circles, but i got my hands on it only recently. Not only does it study some of the most visionary comapnies in the world today, it also scientifically dissects the basic principles these companies have kept constant over the decades of their existance, and which have brought them to their current strength. Great reading, especially if you want to know what makes a great company last longer/do better than companies which don't have any vision.

I'm sure you've heard of Aesop - the greek writer famous for his little parables filled with wisdom. This is an ebook with a brief history of Aesop, and some of his fables. Download it, it's good reading - most of that wisdom can be applied in everyday life even to this day.

My Life
Pretty normal week, and other than Neeta's new blog, pretty much nothing new. We didn't have any trips last week, though i did manage to see "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" :)